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Church History

The Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church was first organized March 5, 1930, on 1402 Monroe Street, in Detroit, Michigan by Rev. E. North, Rev. Isaac Jenkins, and others. Rev. Isaac Jenkins was elected Pastor. Rev. Jenkins soon moved the church to 1932 Monroe Street (corner of Russell Street). There he served the church faithfully until his death in February 1933. The church then called Rev T. L. Johnson in June 1943 and served until his resignation in May 1935. The church then called Rev. C. B. Heath in July 1935. Rev. Heath served until his resignation in January 1936. In May 1936, the church called Rev. Evans to serve as our pastor until his resignation in December of the same year.

God always has a plan for His church; for His church’s foundation is built on a solid rock and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

In March of 1937, the church called Rev. Richard S. Sailes, one of its own members, to serve as Pastor. Some of those present at the event were Sister Lottie Gipson, Deacons Philpot, Rev. Earnest Kings and Deacone Beasley. The church was still located at 1932 Monroe Street.

In 1939, a “For Sale” sign appeared on a building at 1471 E. Lafayette Street. A sacrifice offering was used for a down payment on the building: it was owned by Louis DeMaggio. The church began to prosper and grow. The power of the Lord began to reveal Himself; and the members began to come from near and far away – connecting themselves with the Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. Sailes and the Holy Spirit attracted men, women, girls and boys in the community. Quickly the church was in need for more space!

The church bought a building 1514 Fredrick near Riopelle. For those of us, that attended Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church during the years of 1947 through 1960, we remember the church as the “Hog Pen” (because it was across the street from a slaughterhouse). Some of the members during this era were: Mother Patton, Sister Mary Gibson, Deacon & Mother Campbell, Rev. Earnest King, Deacon Philpot and his family, Deacon Beasley and his family, Deacon Larkin Scruggs, Deacon and Mother Clarence Burnett and their family, Sister Ida Hughes, Mother Queen V. Posey and her 2 nieces. Deacon and Mother Charles Hawthorne and son, James Hawthorne and daughter, Sister Ethel Lark, Mother Marie Tremble, daughter Vera and sons Robert and mason, Mother Janie Ford-Walker and Mother Grace Carter, Deacon and Mother Ross, Rosa Ross, Deacon and Mother Darden and their son and daughter, Ava and Deacon and mother Gooden and their family, Deacon and Mother Bryant and their family, Sister Eva Laskey and he three sons, just to name a few.

In the process of moving, some of the members were left behind, but many followed. Due to conditions beyond the church’s control, the church was forced to move. They bought a building on Pingree, but a default was found in the building and we forced to worship with Rev. Henderson for awhile until a church building at 6926 Theodore, corner of Helen. In October 1960, we entered this building with God’s Blessings. Twenty years later, new quarters were needed again because the membership outgrew the dwelling. We looked at many churches but none of them seemed to meet our specifications. We were becoming very discouraged, but Deacon Clarence Burnett, then Chairman of the Deacon’s Board never gave up. He continued to seek a larger building, trusting in God. With God’s guidance, Deacon Burnett was led to our present location. Deacon Willie F. Hardy, current Chairman of the Deacon’s Ministry, made the final bid whereas, 2741 McDougall, corner of Charlevoix, was purchased. We moved into this location on December 5, 1982.

In July of 1986, Rev. R. S. Sailes’ health prevented him from performing his pastoral duties. Rev. Richard C. Wright carried out the church duties until 1987. On May 19, 1987, Rev. Thomas W. Petty was elected as the Co-Pastor.

In July 1991, the Beloved Pastor, Rev. Richard S. Sailes was called Home to be with the Lord. The church called the Co-Pastor, Rev. Thomas Petty to be the Pastor, and under the leadership of Pastor Thomas W. Petty, we made many developments to our church building and sanctuary.

On June 16, 2009, our Beloved Pastor, Rev. Thomas W. Petty, was called to his Heavenly Home to be with the Lord. One again our church was without a Pastor. Our Heavenly Father did not forsake us, he blessed this church with Rev. Gregory Smith, Jr. and Rev. Keith Wooten to continue carrying out the pulpit duties as we searched for a new Pastor.

On Saturday, September 18, 2010 in a Special Called meeting, we elected our current Pastor, Rev. Roger D. Carson, Jr. Under Pastor Carson’s leadership we have made developments to our church building,  sanctuary, and parking lot and have purchased property in our community. 

In December 2011, under Pastor Carson’s leadership our church formed the Next Step Community Development Corporation, a domestic non-profit organization to benefit our community. The initial Board of Directors were Pastor Roger D. Carson, Jr., President, Minister Martina Orange, Secretary, Mother Annye Hardy, Minister Mason Tremble, and Rev. Gregory Smith, Jr.

On April 21, 2012, during the celebration banquet of our 82 Church Anniversary, we dedicated our fellowship offically in the name of our beloved former pastor, Rev. Thomas W. Petty. We saw is so fitting since this man of God cared so much about education and fellowship that this room of learning and family gathering would always from that day on be known as the Thomas W. Petty Fellowship Hall. 

We are faithfully growing, praying and studying God’s word: we are praising the Lord for the many wonderful added blessings He has already given to our Church Family! We thank God daily for bringing us this far as we strive being the Place to Grow in Grace!


Updated: 5/10/2012 

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